Landing Page

There is a 12 Step Landing Page Program to help you change everything you are doing terribly and fix it to get the conversion you want. (

STEP 1 – Use a Separate Landing Page for each Inbound Traffic Source  

STEP 2 – A/B Test Your Landing Pages

STEP 3 – Match Your Landing Page Message to the Upstream Ad

STEP 4 – Context of Use

STEP 5 – Use Videos to Increase Engagement & Conversions

STEP 6 – Use Directional Cues to Lead the Way

STEP 7 – Find the Optimal Balance of Data vs. Conversion Rate

STEP 8 – Be Honest About Your Writing & Edit Ruthlessly

STEP 9 – Make it Easy to Share

STEP 10 – Leverage Social Proof & Trust Devices

STEP 11 – One Page, One Purpose

STEP 12 – Post-Conversion Marketing

By following all of these steps, your score should improve dramatically. My favorite step is number 5. I am so pumped to create multiple videos to get people coming to my website and seeing the reasons why we created this website/business.


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