Adwords has been really fun and important part of advertising my website to get people there. At first I created a display ad where people would see a picture of my logo and be baited into clicking on it that way to get people to my website. I have yet to launch that add due to the class requirements but I’m excited to see the results from it. I then created a search ad and had a great time coming up with keywords that people would search and my add would pop up. Some of the words I used were snapbacks, cheap snapbacks, discounted snapbacks, hats, cheap apparel, discounted apparel, etc… My maximum bid per day was 2.99, and set the settings to maximum clicks with an average auto CPC at 65 cents. So I launched it over the weekend and had at least 6,600 impressions and about 20 clicks. It was great. After seeing it run I found out which words I need to add to negative keywords and what keywords were the most effective.



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